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True love over the Internet..Kinda long and be serious and 10 points to the best answer and 2 just for answer?

Don't say it isn't love just because it's over the Internet, just look at eHarmony and Chemistry. And I know '; how do you know he is who he says he is?';, don't worry about that. Don't say it isn't love if I'm asking or doubting, it happens.

I've been with this guy over the Internet almost 2 years. We are kinda together now but we might actually be breaking up. My fault. I'm not crying cuz I don't know. We know just about everything about eachother. We planned our future together. Marriage doesn't really get me as hyper as before, or at all. When he texts me, most of the time, I hurry to text him back, might have been doing that for that past couple of days but still. I've been smiling, most of the time, when he texts even though we are going through this. 2 days ago, we were taking it slow and when he ';kissed'; me, I got kind of a scared/ worried feeling or I just didn't know what to do. I kissed him though cuz I didn't want to make him feel bad. I don't know why I felt they but earlier that day I was thinking of ';kissing'; but then I thought we were taking it slow. When he held me I was ok, I didn't feel worried or scared, I held him closer. I was sad so I asked him if I could lay with him, that's why he was holding me. I've been crying about this if i'm in love with him or not for a few days. I'm trying to figure this out still. I think I'm in love. I like the color red cuz that's his favorite color and I want things in red line a laptop, guitar, things like that. I cried when my sister was gonna take both my iTouch and my phone cuz that's how I talk to him. But she mentioned if I wanted to talk to him that bad, I'll use the computer out in the living room so I wasn't crying as much but still. I have his initials on the back of my phone and iTouch case. I have his picture as my screensaver on my phone, iTouch and computer. I talk to him everyday unless he falls asleep or has to work late. A couple days ago I was watching the sitcom Roseanne. When Roseanne said to her daughter who was getting married that she has to wear something blue something old etc. And you don't see your husband till the wedding cuz it's bad luck, I thought of him and that I should do that cuz of bad luck ((pretty sure of that)) I pretend to talk to him, basically talking to myself pretending he's here. I imagine things like us singing together and him singing Ashley by bullet for my valentine to me. He's handsome and sweet, caring, brave, strong (( Mentally and Physically )) smart, loving, gentle, romantic, fun, athletic. He is in love with me, he would do anything for me and I'm everything to him. The day he ';kissed'; me and I got that scared worried feeling was when we were taking it slow. I was happy. I told myself I was, not forcing or making myself believe it, but I was. I even framed this paper I wrote random things or things that relate to him like soccer, country, PERFECT!, jeans, Hawaii, Famous Stars and Straps, things like that. I think I do love him but I've asked people on here and on says yes, another will say no and then I'm just not reassured. Even though we are in this bad situation, I smile most of the time when he texts or sends me an IM. I have cried and I even cried alittle when I was reading what infatuation was. I didn't want it to be Infatuation. If it was I wouldn't be trying to figure this out. I wouldn't have cried those days. I wouldn't still be talking to him. If in was friends with benefit. I wouldn't have felt like I have felt. If it was lust or if I was using him, I wouldn't have felt like I have felt. I don't know anything anymore. He says that he thinks that I do love him. My mom says that too..when he said to give us another chance, one more shot, I could have said yes, but I just went on saying things. I was about to too. Then he said Im slipping away cuz I didn't know how I felt about him, which is true. I think I'm in love but things make me question.

1. How do I know if I'm in love?

2. Why did i feel like that when he ';kissed'; me?

3. When we were happy 2 days ago, does that kind of show that there might be hope?

4. When someone thinks their boyfriend or girlfriend is perfect, is that like a ';syntom'; of being in love?

5. what would a person do to make those around them just know that, that person is in love?

6. What kind of things does a person do when they are in love?

7. Do you think that if we took it slow that we could possibly work out?

Don't say if you have to ask, your not in love, I've heard that already. And don't say your young cuz people can fall in love when they are young. And don't say there will be other guys.

Please and thank you.

DTF%26lt;/3True love over the Internet..Kinda long and be serious and 10 points to the best answer and 2 just for answer?
1. you know you are in love when you just feel like you cant live with out that person. like every time you hear or chat to them in your case you get this tingly feeling inside. felt like that because you think you are in love. and most likely you are.

3. yes it does. it shows that you both want to be with each other but are having a hard time

accepting it

4. umm kinda. i never really believed it was i think it is just a inside feeling

5. a person would talk about that special person alot and often find themselves dreaming

about that person. to let others know is that you would always bring that special person up

in a convo with friends or parents.

6. that hang out, they talk all hours of the night, they do lovey things

7. yes because sometimes taking things slow is what relationships really need these days!

and it is very much so normal to think about marragie at a young age. i think it will help you when you get older personally.

Plz correct this essay.... “When a man acts like a child, it makes his wife act like his mother …?

“When a man acts like a child, it makes his wife act like his mother … and you can’t make love to your mother.”

I find it interesting to note what happened in the Garden of Eden after man had sinned. You see, each of the people there involved was punished in a given area.

· To Adam: The ground would be cursed, and he would die.

· To Eve: Pain in child birth and the husband would rule over her. (but it is practically opposite)

That God put this in place at this point in time says to me that this was not the case in the Garden. I think we gain a further insight into the Garden relationship by looking at how Eve got Adam to sin– something Adam knew he shouldn’t do. That’s why they say that women cry before marriage and men cry after marriage.

We could get into the fascinating discussion of why Adam ate, but the point was that Eve and Adam had an equal relationship– something that wouldn’t be possible with a sin nature. So, God did what needed to be done– He selected someone to be the leader of the couple, and did so by His divine will. That is a famous quotation which shows the evil nature of men “Heaven will be no heaven for men if they meet their wives there.

The problem is, sin likes to promote self. In the case of Eve and every woman after her, it is not in human nature to be pleased with having someone over us, and for “no apparent reason.” If you add up human nature and the current state of feminism you see that rather than being homes that are set up as God ordained in Genesis, we have homes that are set up the exact opposite, with women dominating their husbands or exacting concessions out of him for they very benefit of being in the wife’s presence or bed.

Since we know from the Word of God that women have a weakness for domination, are you as a wife on guard that you do not dominate your husband? This is something that requires a lot of work and attention for it’s easy to fall into the trap.

I would lump in here the propensity to equate your husband with one of the children– someone that you can order around and treat diminutively simply because you’re better at manipulation, emotions, or whatever it is that you know about him and how to push his buttons.Plz correct this essay.... “When a man acts like a child, it makes his wife act like his mother …?
Sorry I'm heading to bed and can't correct the whole paper, but a comment on style that might help; when you write an essay that contains a lot of opinions, avoid using ';I think, I believe, it is my opinion that';...etc You are writing it, so the reader knows it is your opinion.

An example would be your first sentence, ';I find it interesting to note that...';. An improved version of that sentence would be ';It is interesting to note that...';

Hope that helps a little

My friend's husband is coming on to me - read emails?

Please could I have your opinion

Background. I have been friends with the couple since grade school/ primary school. They have been going out for about 5 years. I got the dream email 2 months ago and then just ignored it I replied it when I was going through my email yesterday.

The guy has since phoned me about 7 times between 10pm and midnight yesterday but I did not take the calls.

Here is the letter - I have obviously changed the names.

Date: May 2009 23:15:33 -0700

%26gt; Subject: this morning..,


%26gt; To:

%26gt; DEAR JANE

%26gt; I had 3 dreams that You were in. The last one was beautiful and quite

%26gt; passionate. My ';self'; must be really missing You, or whatever it is

%26gt; You represent to it.


%26gt; Blessings and all the love I have always reserved for You.




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Dear GUY

I should have spoken sooner but I did not.

Maybe I thought I had but obviously I was not clear.

Sometimes the way you talk and act makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Read this to yourself and tell me how it sounds

'; I had 3 dreams that You were in. The last one was beautiful and quite passionate. My ';self'; must be really missing You, or whatever it is You represent to it.';

Are you coming on to me?

If it was something in isolation maybe it could be ignored but there are SO MANY things with many interpretations that have come up that this must be addressed directly. I will not name any names but a few of SARAH's friends have said you make them feel uncomfortable and as if you are coming on to them. This may or may not be the case but this is the perception. To make it clear if you are making a pass or whatever I do not reciprocate and never will.

I will give you a few more examples of behaviour that I have found very disconcerting.

* When I was having problems in my marriage you came over to MY HOUSE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY unannounced. Yes, you said you were trying to offer moral support. But you knew, as I had told you that MY HUSBAND was very jealous and you know how a typical (X Nationality) man in general would react to a man visiting his wife.

No way saying you contributed to the relationships demise – just that sometimes you are not sensitive at all and do not think about the wider context. To be honest sometimes you can be very selfish.

*The one time you hugged me at the station by your mum's house you had a ******* wtf.

* When you knew I was sleeping over at SARAH's place and I had confirmed that you were not sleeping over you were there and did the whole dinner thing and footwashing etc. I do not feel comfortable sharing a bed with you and I thought the whole thing was very weird.

I have attached a picture for you. * I ATTACH A CHILDHOOD PHOTO OF US* Do you see us sitting next to each other? That is how I see you - someone who has always been special to me. You are a very gifted and talented person. I do not wish to be estranged. If you remember to treat me as you would a sister and that I am not comfortable being tactile with you that would be good.

I hope this falls on fertile ground.


2009/7/13 GUY

blood, why did You decide to write this 'reply' to me however many months after it was sent..? I suppose I don't really understand You either. I think I felt You to be a certain person, but over time, (and I think somewhat finally before I left,) I started to come to accept that probably I never really knew 'about' who You were/are. I feel I know You.., I feel at some point I may have had a glimpse.., but maybe I saw in You what I wanted or needed to see at the time. I suppose all Your 'sister' etc etc may be a reverse of this.., mutual romanticization.

In the times of this photo, I loved You.., You apparently, had other intentions/less clarity on that, and this manifested in when I decided to stop interacting with You after You 'denied' me in public. In that moment, as we so backtrack, it wasn't a 'too shy to dance' thing, (cos You went on to dance with a few other folk, especially my best friend BOB, whom You later 'came on to' in later life as well..,) it was that to quote You, ';I do not reciprocate and never will.'; In spite of what I felt we shared, in all the time and 'emotion' we shared - at least on my part - in private, via the phone etc. You were a girl 'I' loved.., and even if You will never understand it, this is why I have 'bothered' and exerted even when I didn't understand the girl You'd become, (or probably were all along.) You, ';do not reciprocate and never will..,'; recently I've come o understand that You probably did not understand what it was You were being offered/given, or how to share/give this back. I am selfish...

I am generally open and direct in my intentions, as far as the God's' allow me. You don't need to be in that 'private'/limbo staMy friend's husband is coming on to me - read emails?
What's your question?

My advice: cut off contact with him. This guy is way too thick headed to be reasoned with. For example, you make it crystal clear that you're not interested in him romantically, and then he uses the phrase, ';mutual romanticization.'; The word mutual means both of you. Since you are obviously not feeling romantic toward him, this guy is just about delusional. Delusional people don't give up, so your choices are either to decide to tolerate his inappropriate behavior, or cut him off. I recommend the latter.My friend's husband is coming on to me - read emails?
1 - this is way too long

2. got bored

3. Tell him to bugger of

4 - that is the end of the problem
accidentally forward them to his wife.
tell him you are not intrseted because you are freinds and no more en lass you are interested and why not start an affair
Just do him and get it over with, you know you want to.
Give him what he wants.

He sounds like a ******* weird guy.

tell his wife!
a passionate dream only means one thing...he was coming on to you. you confronted him on this in your email and told him ';never.';

that hurt his feelings and now he is trying to provide damage control to save face.

when you see him, say hello and be polite. nothing more than that. don't discuss it with him any more. it is not necessary.
As a true friend you have a duty to first of all warn him that if he continues, you will tell his wife. If he continues tell his wife. He is manipulating you with words. Friendship or a fling???????? Friendship - to keep your friend. Or Fling to lose her.
well tell hem you are not in to him and that you are showing the emails to his wife and if i were you i would print them out and give them to her she might get mad but this is the right thang to do
Well, this seems to be bothering you, so you should definitely do something about it - although I would think not to this man directly.

How close is your friend?

I would consider telling her. The only difficulty there is that she may be quite unhappy with you for showing her this. You really just need to ask yourself what is more important to you, would you rather she knew what was going on and possibly didn't talk to you or would you rather ignoring his advances and staying in close contact with her, knowing that he may be unfaithful to her?

If I were you, I would keep ignoring him. That email you sent made him quite irritable and who knows what he would say/do if you upset him any further? If he does become too uncomfortable or is calling you incessantly or forcing himself upon you, make sure you tell somebody, maybe even the authorities - your safety is important!

Again, if it were me, I would ignore him and then if it keeps happening tell the friend. However, if he is doing it to a few friends, then maybe get a few friends to mention it to her - although not in a way that makes her feel as though she is being attacked by you all.

That's the best advice I can give. Good luck!
I agree with Jamand.

1 - this is way too long

2. got bored

3. Tell him to bugger of

4 - that is the end of the problem

5- Jamand forgot this one. TELL HIS WIFE.
This is really simple...he's a married man and he's off limits. Tell him to go away, stop texting you and sort himself out. If he doesn't love or feel attracted to his wife anymore, he should be discussing this with her and noone else. He's a selfish, pathetic man who has no respect for his wife at all. I doubt he would have any respect for you either if you gave in...
This is really a weird situation. Just stay away from him, ignore his passes, dont answer his calls, e-mail and try not to meet at the same place. Cold shoulder!
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  • How do i make part of my romantic novel like a dream?

    ok this is what i have so far in my romantic novel and now i'm stuck. and i'm 14, a freshman in high school so cut me some slack. thanks

    ';But why?!'; I yelled.

    ';Because his family is wealthy like us and he has a promising future and he will be a good husband. And I said so and I’m your father!'; And with that last word he left my room.

    ';Ugh!'; I screamed. It’s not fair! Why do I have to marry Daniel! I'm only seventeen! Not even an adult. Then there was a soft tap at the door.

    ';If you're dad, go away!'; I said into my pillow. ';I guess you heard the news.'; Anna, my older, step sister, said. I didn't answer. I just kept my crying, mad face in my pillow. Since I didn't answer she continued, ';Well if it makes you feel any better I’m betrothed too.'; And it did make me feel better because I knew who she was betrothed too.

    ';Kyle?'; I muffled. She didn't answer so I figured I was right.

    ';Anna? Are you still here?';

    I finally stopped my crying enough to look to see if Anna was there, and she was. She had her hands over her face and silent tears were falling.

    ';I can't believe he's making us do this! Especially me and Kyle! Kyle's so rude, and disgusting, and old!'; Anna was really crying now. I felt bad because Kyle is like ten years older than Anna and Daniel is one year older than me and Daniel's richer and cuter than Kyle.

    ';I know! Let’s run away!';

    ';Clora, where would we go? I like my life.';

    ';We can go anywhere, everywhere!';

    ';Sorry Clora, but I don't want to leave.';

    ';Well I am leaving!'; And I really was. I wasn't going to marry someone I don't love. And that was all I needed to know.

    This is the first chapter:

    As soon as I started packing my bags, I realized I didn't know where I was going. All I knew was that I was leaving and not coming back because if I did I was going to marry someone I didn't love. Then I started thinking of people I can live with, where my dad can't find me.

    ';Elizabeth!'; I shouted. Yes! That’s a perfect place to go because she's my real, dead mother's sister.

    When I was finally packed and ready to leave, it was pitch black, but I didn’t care. I was leaving right now. I got into my brand new, yellow camaro (I got it because I LOVE transformers), and headed toward Elizabeth’s house.

    After about going a hundred miles, my eyes started drooping. From my peripheral vision I saw a white blur, but I just ignored it. When I turned back to the road, a deer was stopped in the middle of the road, staring at my car. Before I hit it, I swerved the car off the road. When I thought I was safe I realized I was headed toward the cliff, but it was too late. I couldn’t turn around. I was stuck. I was going to fly off the cliff with my car and die. With no hope left, I closed my eyes and wished that somehow everything would be all right. I felt the car slowly leaning forward and then it jerked to a stop. I slammed into the back of my seat. And then I saw him. He was tall, handsome, muscular, and mysterious all at the same time. He was holding onto my car with an amazing grip, and then he pushed it on solid ground and disappeared with amazing speed. Oh my gosh! I thought. “I’m dreaming.” I whispered. I slapped my face a couple times to see if I was dreaming, but I wasn’t. And for some odd reason, I was glad. Since I was kind of in shock, I didn’t know what to do besides sit.

    When I woke up I was in my car, the battery was dead and I was out of gas. I grabbed my stuff and decided to call Elizabeth to come and get me from here. I dialed her number and put the phone to my ear.

    “Crap! No cell reception.” I said throwing it on the ground.”Well I guess I could walk, since it’s not that far away.” I thought.

    I walked for what seemed like forever, and then I saw a small mart. I decided to start jogging so I could get there and get to a phone. When I got to the mart, I went to the check-out counter and asked a large man with a long red beard and a bald head to use his phone. I called Elizabeth and I told her everything and I started crying and then I asked her if she could pick me up and let me stay with her. And she immediately said yes.

    It was a short, silent ride to Elizabeth’s house.

    ”You get the blue room.” Elizabeth said, gesturing up the stairs at the second door on the left.

    ”I’ll fix you something to eat. What do you want?”

    “I’ll take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thank you.”

    After I ate I decided to take a shower. I went to the blue room to get my pajamas and toiletries.

    “Hey Elizabeth.”


    “Is it ok if I take a shower?”

    “Of course you can sweetheart.”

    “Ok, um… which door do I use?”

    “The first one on the right.”


    “Oh yeah! There’s…”

    I wasn’t paying attention. I just wanted to be clean, and I wanted this horrible and a little wonderful day over. I walked through the door and stopped, because there was a half naked, totally ripped, beautiful, and a little familiar, guy in the bathroom.

    “Um……” I said, quickly covering my eyes.

    “It’s ok.” He said smiling.” I waHow do i make part of my romantic novel like a dream?
    ';I just kept my crying, mad face in my pillow'; that part doesn't make sense. revise please.

    when you introduce the idea of running away its too blunt. Ease into it, by saying something like, i wish this wasn't happening, that we could just run away from this.. yaddayaddayadda... ';you know we could.. we could run away'; blablablaaa...

    ';Since I was kind of in shock, I didn’t know what to do besides sit.'; KINDA?!

    You seem to have an opposite sentence variety thing going on. While usually writers have mostly long sentences and once in a while have short ones to bring emphasis to whats happening, you have a LOT of short sentences, and because of that, it doesn't flow as evenly as it should. When you have that many short sentences in a row its kind of off-putting. It's an ok plot and all, but you need to work on your sentence structure because you might loose your audience if you keep this up, no matter how good the story it. After you're done writing a couple sentences, go over it again and read it out loud to yourself, that should help you see the places that can come across as awkward.

    Those were just some suggestions that really stuck out to me, I know you are a younger writer, and you say ';give me some slack'; but if you want to be taken seriously at all you need to be always getting better and stuff : )

    I'm NOT putting your ideas down at all, because I believe that you can become a great writer, but we all have to learn the traits and how to do all this ';stuff';. If you want any more help, feel free to email me, I'm always open to help a fellow writer : )How do i make part of my romantic novel like a dream?
    I love It so much.......... Do these character charts to help though…

    oh and the rest of my story is posted on this webpage
    Describe each scene change as a blur of colors. Make it very symbolic... It needs to have elements of what happens in her life mixed in.

    FOR MEN ONLY: married or not,pls answer?

    What will make you fall inlove with your partner/spouse even more? What sort of qualities should she have that will make you not let go of her and think ';shes for keeps';? In other words, what must she do/have? Thanks in advance and Im willing to give 10 points for the best answer.

    I wanna show my husband how much I love him, your input will be highly appreciated.FOR MEN ONLY: married or not,pls answer?

    My wife and I have been married for over 30 years. We have had our rough spots, but we have worked through them.

    The one key thing is to let each-other know that you are committed to the other. I don't have a fear that my wife is going to get upset and leave. However, she knows, and has known for decades, that I am committed to her - and when we had kids at home, to them as well.

    On her part, my wife committed herself to our kids (4) and me. I was career military, and every few years she watched her stuff being packed up and shipped. We lived in several states, and a couple foreign countries. Through it all, she remained form in her commitment to us.

    MinMa, I hope this helps you.

    ';Ranger';FOR MEN ONLY: married or not,pls answer?
    Be there and be his friend, lover and confidant. Never let him down. If you do he will be gone.
    Remind him why he married you, by doing what you were doing then, admire, not criticize, be curious about him ,don't tell him how he should be.

    Check something else, when you guys married, what was his thing about you that drew him to you? don't lose it, magnify it.
    keep everything shaved nice and neat.
    FOR MEN ONLY: is that really necesary, the sign? can a woman not answer this?
    Do all the house work, and I don't give a rats patootey what Dr. Phil or Oprah had to say.
    Well, besides the monthly payments, I always enjoyed those little touches. When he's just standing there or sitting there, a hug does wonders. Good luck.
    If she has confidence without arrogance and also accepts love as well as give love.
    Question is:


    Beyond that, I'm not a guy, but the rules are the same for both sexes, if you are yourself, he will love you for you, there is nothing you can do to make him love you or love you more. If you have to ask what to do, then it isn't from your heart and he will know that and being fake is always a turn off.

    Please help i think my friend is crazy?

    Our friendship started out normal, we hung our a few times a week then we introduced our spouses. We have know each other for 4 months now and a little over a month ago. She wanted to help my husband and i make a budget chart. That ws cool no problem later she came back asing for my bank infor my social and other personal stuff. When i refused she got up set and wanted to know why i didnt trust her. Our husbands are in the same job together so this creates a good friendship with them. we couldnt figure out why he was so sweet to her until she told us she was on 11 different meds for her health. My husband and i have 3 children wich they instantly fell in love with. Almost to the point of wanting to raise them while i work. After a while she went behind my back and asked my husband for a key to our house so if we left town she could check on our home. Hw refused and she came to me and told me my husband refused to let her come to our house any more. About a week ago i was supposed to go to her house but my husband and i decided to stay in and have some aloe time she called me 20 times and 11 text of why i was not comming and how could i do this to her. After that she made it known that she would no longer call us we would have to come to her now because n her eyes we are just children who are inconsiderate of others. I had to leave town for a few days and the miunute i left she caled my husband and invited him over for dinner woth them. as he was leavind she told him you know if you divorce your wife you will get over her and those kids with in 3 months. Later that night she sent a text saying well if you dont want to divorce your wife you need to pray that god will forgive her for her child like issues and your horribule marriag and maby it will work out. She has attempted to dress like me AND HAS HER HAIR CUT LIKE ME I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO . Ifear my life is in danger because of this womanPlease help i think my friend is crazy?
    I would cut all communication off with this woman. If she continues to bother you and your family call the police, get a restraining order if need be. You need to think of you %26amp; your families safety. There is CLEARLY something wrong with this woman.Please help i think my friend is crazy?
    holy crap.

    its like that movie


    i think she is after you husband

    i suggest moving.

    or bringing this situation to HER husband.

    i wish you good luck woman.

    seriously i pray that your relationship is safe :]
    ahh, help ! it's a wall of gossip text !!
    shes crazy! or obsessed lol
    she's crazy and she need's help.
    From what you have written here it doesn't sound like you are in too much danger to me. But of course I really don't have any right to say that because I was not there. If you really, truly feel like you are in danger then the best idea is to go to the police. I might consider talking to her and explaining what is wrong. This may give you better insight into why she seems so upset with you. It seems like she is a VERY sensitive person. It seems like the real trouble began when you changed your mind about going to dinner with her and her husband. This may have made quite a few people angry as they probably put a lot of work into that dinner. Remember NEVER to give away your personal information to her no matter what she says. Also, make sure you don't let her near your children. My best advice would be to speak to her and ask (very politely) her why she is doing these things. Remember to be specific with what you say and make it very clear that you are frightened. If she continues to harass you and your family try to speak to a councilor and if you ever feel that you are in any real danger you should go to the police.

    Did my sister betray me, or am I just overreacting?

    My sister said I could have one of her muts (75% Lab 25% shepherd), although her husband was selling them as 100% Labs charging people $250. I just fell in love with her she was the last one all white beautiful eyes grayish-green, I just felt a connection between the puppy and I. She would follow me everywhere and my sister even saw that. I had her name picked out, was buying her crate to crate train her, and then she calls me and tells me my god-son (her oldest son) wants to keep her. I said that's fine as long as I still get to see her, because I just want her to have a great loving home and plus my God-son is 5 years old. I'm not going to take away his puppy. She also added I could still go over and play with her so I agreed. I get to her house, her husband looks pissed, and as I get there my mother calls me to go over her house to eat, I said ok. At this point my godson has already seen me, runs up to me and say's my momma went to sell the dog, I look at him confused, and say no it's ok your mom said you are keeping her. I ask his dad if it's ok I take him with me to my mom's house, he agreed. In the car my God-son tells me that my sisters husband got mad that she was giving me the dog, so he sent her to sale it to wal-mart. Wow at this point I want to cry, how could she do this to me, lie to me I am her sister she could of told me at least! My sister's husband makes so much money, more than he needs and he is going to get mad over $250 for a puppy that will probably end up being neglected from some family when they find out she grows up and is not pure. The worst part is that my sister has not told me anything yet, she hasnt called me, nothing. I did text her and told her if it was money you wanted you could of asked. Plus the fact that I got lied too??... Her husband did leave me a voicemail saying ';I'm a buisness man, we both agreed to sell her';........ wow nice to hear from MY SISTER. She is my only sister so I'm still hurt a sorry from her would help, not a v/m from her husband.Did my sister betray me, or am I just overreacting?
    I don't think you are overreacting. It seems to me that your brother-in-law wants to be in control of everything. I think you should tell your sister how you feel about her husband because this behavior coming from an adult is despicable. He is acting childish which is unfair to your godson (because, I can tell he really wanted that puppy)Did my sister betray me, or am I just overreacting?
    OUCH! Take the knife out of your back! Boy, her husband pulled a fast one on you. I cannt believe they used their own kid to lie to you about selling a dog. Talk to your sister but don't ever forget she stabbed you in the back, and will do it again in a heartbeat. She listens to her husband first because she is married now. Whatever he says goes. Don't forget that.
    Her husband is a manipulative greedy bastard. I'll fight him for $20.

    No joke, he really is a **** bag. The fact that your sister hasn't contacted you, in my mind, is a sign of guilt.

    If he sells mutts for $250 as pure bred, that alone is a mark of professional grade douchery.
    i think ur sisters husband started to hear that,,,im sorry to here that tho, im sure is the dog a girl? im sure she/he will be put in a nice home thoug
    No its OK I would totaly over react in this situation when you get your dog you will fall in love with it thow.
    To me it sounds like your sister's husband is the one that caused all this. I think she may be in an abusive marriage. Maybe not physical, but mental. I think maybe your sister is afraid of her husband, and that is why she lied. I think maybe he wanted her to lie because for some reason he maybe still didn't want you to have it. I don't know why, but that's the feeling I got after I read that. I think you should watch out for your sister and her kids. My sister was in an abusive relationship both mental and physical and no one knew about it. So keep an eye open.
    It wasn't your sister so much as it was her domineering, asshole husband who stepped in and caused this problem. He's a douchebag and I don't blame you for feeling like you got betrayed. You did.